I'm a business coach for committed artists, makers and creatives who want to earn money from what they make. They’ve got a great body of work but feel frustrated that they aren’t selling more and aren’t sure what to do about it. I help them grow their business so they can earn an income from their creative endeavors.

I'm a marketing professional who also holds a BA in photography, BA in Art History, Theory and Criticism, and a MFA in Photography from the California College of the Arts. I've shown my art in many places including Washington, DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and New Zealand.

My deep marketing background brings a professional knowledge of e-newsletters, writing, grant proposals, project management, business systems and targeted outreach to help artists, makers and creatives get ahead with their business. This experience paired with my formal art training and personal art practice means that I understand the perspective of artists and creatives who want to spend more time focused on their art projects while making a living from it.

Check out www.katefarrall.com to see my art work.