Confidently Connect with Great Galleries

You are an artist who is just starting out or one who already has a few good shows on your resume. You have a great body of work but you’re not sure why you haven’t landed more exhibition opportunities or ones that feel like a better fit. 

You love creating art and you feel like the time has come to really get it out there.

But... the thought of connecting with a gallery is a little intimidating. Which galleries are the best fit for your work? What should you say to get your foot in the door? How are you going to handle it if they say no, we don’t like your work?

Approaching a gallery director feels scary because what they’re looking for seems like such an unknown and they can turn down your art outright. Ouch! Not exactly the kind of feedback you want to get.

You think, “If only I could get the recognition that my art deserves, I could sell more work and start to feel like I was getting somewhere.”

You’re ready to share your art with people who will appreciate and understand it. You really want to take your art career to the next level.

If only you knew how to find the right galleries for your work, you could sell more art, find repeat collectors and maybe get a few reviews. That would feel great!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wonder why some people get shows, when their art isn’t nearly as good as yours

  • You wish you could show your work at better galleries

  • You are too shy to network with art-world-people

  • You are terrified that you’ll come off sounding like an amateur

Even if you've been showing work for a while, I’ll help you find the *right* galleries and be able to approach them confidently and professionally. I’ll share insights from actual gallerists on how commercial galleries work. You’ll learn how to approach a gallery with ease so you can show your work more often and at more professional art venues.

You’ll be able to finally shed those butterflies in your stomach when you think about calling a gallery. You’ll start to feel excited to find your next place to exhibit and see the possibilities of having an art career where you can grow and be successful.

Imagine how great it will feel to actually have a concrete and doable plan for getting shown in galleries. 

When you’ve completed the Confidently Connect with Great Galleries process, you’ll feel prepared and ready to take your art career to the next level.

After working together, you will...

  • Know how to build a viable list of galleries to approach

  • Know how to contact them with confidence

  • Know what the right materials are to send to galleries

  • And, you’ll learn a BIG shortcut that everyone misses to find the best galleries

This package includes:

Jumpstart Questionnaire

You’ll answer a set of questions before we meet that will give me an understanding of your specific needs, and how I can help you get the most out of our working together and your resulting action plan.

Initial Training Session

A 90 minute, private phone or Skype session where I’ll show you how to create your list of the right galleries to approach and how to approach them. We’ll address your hesitations when connecting with galleries, and you’ll learn the process so you can repeat it on your own any time you’re ready to show a new body of work.

You’ll be able to save time and have a better response rate because you’re targeting the best galleries for your work. This session is great because it is a one-on-one conversation with me where you learn the process and get your questions answered on the spot.

Action Plan

You’ll leave our first conversation with a to-do list. This is important because it will become the basis of an action plan that will get you noticed. We’ll fine tune that plan during our second call.

Follow-up for Success Session

We’ll have a 30 minute follow up conversation to review your list of galleries and answer any questions you have about the process for approaching them. We’ll go over your action plan to make sure it’s going to keep you on track to succeed.

This follow-up conversation is vital to your success because when you show up for this call, it means that you’ve put in the effort that’s required to start getting into the galleries where you’ll be proud to show your work.

Tools to Keep Getting Galleries

You’ll get my favorite insider’s tools that will make it easy to keep finding and approaching galleries the right way. You’ll have a no fail formula to confidently contact them through email, phone or in person. No longer will you be tongue-tied when you inquire about submissions or follow-up. You’ll have what you need to get the conversation going in the right direction so you can keep adding lines to your CV.

Also, you’ll get a killer system to keep all of your notes, feedback and follow-up items in order. This will be your karate chop to making sure you keep moving forward with finding the right venues for your work.

You’ll get the answers to what you must send to a gallery and why, and the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to get a gallery. More importantly, all of these tools will have you looking like the serious and professional artist that you are.

The tools will be helpful right away but also throughout your career, as you build your exhibitions list. They’ll keep you organized and focused. And, they're designed based on feedback from what actual people in the biz say they want to see from artists.

Investment: $149

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to try a new approach to getting shown, let’s get going!

Step 1. Sign up and make your payment via PayPal here

Step 2. Watch for an email from me with your Jumpstart Questionnaire. We’ll also schedule your call at this point. You’ll reply with answers to the questions so you can get the most out of our time working together.

Step 3. Your first call. 90 minutes of gallery-getting goodness via phone or Skype.

Step 4. Work the To-do List. You’ll have a list of actions to-do after our first call. Doing this work is vital to being successful with finding and approaching the right galleries.

Step 5. Follow up Conversation. We’ll have our 30 minute call to answer questions, fine-tune your approach and get your next steps figured out so you can keep going.

Lizzie DiSilvestro, Artist

Lizzie DiSilvestro, Artist

“Working with Kate taught me so much about the etiquette of galleries, and how they run that I feel much more comfortable knowing which ones are right for me. I now feel more empowered in what I’m bringing to the table, rather than feeling like I’m relying on someone else to make my future happen.

Kate did her homework to get to know me and my work. On our first call, I felt like we had already been working together for a week, so that we could really maximize our time.

I definitely recommend working with Kate. She is approachable, genuine, and has real world experience that she wants others to benefit from. If you put in the work, the value is there and more. Kate wants you to succeed. Part of the benefit she brings is having someone to keep you on track. I can’t wait to work with her again.”
— Lizzie DiSilvestro, Artist,