Jumpstart Your Inner Email Guru

-A One-On-One Live Training

Are you worried that no one will show up to your next opening?

Do you feel like if you could only get more eyes on your work, you’d sell more of it?

Are you unsure how to let people know about your new work, next event or that your what you make is actually for sale?

I’ll help you to kick your nerves to the curb when thinking about how to get people to your next opening, studio event or workshop.

You’ll know how to tell people all about your new work that’s soooooo exciting with an email process that won’t cause you to throw your computer out the window.

You’ll learn you exactly what you need to do to stop feeling shy, deflated or like it doesn’t really matter when trying to share your next big thing online.

You’ll feel juiced with a creative energy that makes you want to invite people to your next big thing instead of sheepishly sending a half-hearted, last minute invite, sabotaging yourself yet again.

As a result of Jumpstarting Your Inner Email Guru you’ll…

  • Be over the moon with excitement because your next event is packed
  • No longer be afraid to use email
  • Have a way to tell everyone about your event without it exhausting you
  • Feel like a professional
  • Have more opportunities to sell your work

I see so many creatives who could have bigger and better openings, sell more work and create raving fans that I put this training together. It helps guide people like you through the process of getting an email list started and how to build the habit of regularly sending a message with compelling content.

JumpstartingYour Inner Email Guru helps you to work though the mindset that stops you from building meaningful relationships through your work.

This training is designed with artists, makers and creatives in mind to help you communicate in a way that is genuine, authentic and never “salesy”.

In it you’ll create and implement an opt-in newsletter to grow your business and interact with your collectors, friends and supporters. It's perfect for to create or revive what you know down deep is a key part of getting ahead.

The upshot, if you're selling something you’ve made, you need a mailing list to have a truly successful business.

You'll be able to start using your mailing list to promote your work and cultivate a group of people who love what you do and collectors who buy the things that you put your heart and soul into making. This training shows you how to build your e-newsletter without being icky or pushy or feeling awkwardly boastful.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a subscribe form and put it on your website
  • Craft an offer to encourage people to subscribe
  • Set up an e-newsletter template
  • Develop your editorial calendar
  • Three easy and free ways to build your list

When you’ve completed the Jumpstart Your Inner Email Guru training, you’ll feel excited to get people to your receptions, events and sales. 

After working together, you will...

  • Know how to build a viable email list
  • Know how to connect with confidence
  • Know how to communicate without feeling like an icky salesperson
  • Feel proud and excited to share your work and event instead of nervous about how it’ll all go

Knowing firsthand how connecting with your friends and fans through email can really change how many pieces you sell and how many people you connect with is the reason I created the this training – I want you to get-in on having a great event, too.

The Jumpstart Your Inner Email Guru package includes:

* Jumpstart Questionnaire

You’ll answer a brief set of questions before we meet that will give me an understanding of your specific needs, and how I can help you get the most out of our working together.

* Private Training Sessions

These private coaching sessions are so important because they make sure you get your newsletter actually created, and up and running so you don’t have to scramble every time you have an event or announcement. It’ll no longer be a project that you’ve been meaning to get done.   

The program is great because you’ll learn how to do each step and get your questions answered on the spot (perfect if you hate videos that are hard to follow).

Also, when we work together, you'll wind-up getting lots of great ideas for what to put in your emails and even for your business. –I don’t hold back on giving you good information just because we’re talking about newsletters. If it could positively impact your business, I share those ideas with you.

Initial Training Session
Two hours of a private phone or Skype session where you learn how to create a mailing list and create an email campaign. We’ll address your hesitations when you think about emailing your peers, friends, family and collectors and push through any blocks that might be holding you back. You’ll learn the technical side of how to use MailChimp as your free email platform and how to repeat the process on your own.

Action Plan
You’ll leave our first conversation with a to-do list. This is important because it will become the basis of an action plan that will get people excited and showing up for your next event. We’ll fine-tune that plan during our second call. It’s also where you start taking action and finally crossing this project off your to-do list.

Second Training Session
We’ll have a second training for two hours where we’ll review your homework, progress you’ve made on creating your mailing list and email template, and answer any questions you have about the process. You’ll have all the tools you need in place to start reaching out and connecting with of the people you want to stay in touch with.

This second session is vital to your success because when you show up for this call, it means that you’ve put in the effort that’s required to make your email opt-in a gold mine. And because we’ll go over your action plan to make sure it’s ready to keep you on track to succeed.

* Tools to Keep Your Emails Going

You’ll get my favorite tools that will make it easy to consistently email your tribe. You’ll get a killer system to schedule your mailings along with a cheat sheet of content that you can straight-up copy for more than 12 emails. This will be your secret weapon to make sure you keep moving forward with sending the right messages to your collectors, customers and friends.

These tools will be helpful right away and throughout your career. They’ll keep you organized, focused, and connecting with people who are into what you make.

A list of contacts is golden. They are there to support you as you move through all phases of your career. They may buy art, products or services from you, attend your shows or sales and tell all of their friends how much they love what you’re doing. But the only surefire way they’ll know about all of this is if you tell them. Commit to Jumpstart Your Inner Email Guru now!

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what past participants got out of this training…

“Creating an e-newsletter in a step-by-step manner.”
“Demystifying the entire e-newsletter process.”
The step-by-step instructions and the trouble shooting.”

…in other words, I’ve got you covered with getting your Inner Email Guru up and running.

Investment: $340

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to try a new approach to getting people to your opening receptions, sales, workshops, festivals and studio events, let’s get going!

Step 1. Sign up and make your payment via PayPal here.

Step 2. Watch for an email from me with your Jumpstart Questionnaire. We’ll schedule both training sessions at this point. You’ll reply with answers to the questions so you can get the most out of our time working together.

Step 3. Your first call. Two hours of learning via phone or Skype demystifying the email process to grow your career.

Step 4. Work the To-do List. You’ll have a list of actions to-do after our first call. Doing this homework is vital to being successful and we’ll review it in our second session.

Step 5. Second Session. We’ll have our second two-hour training where you’ll learn more, get questions answered, fine-tune your approach and get you set to keep emailing on a regular basis.

Step 6. Secret Weapon. I’ll be with you for six months with encouragement and reminders to keep you accountable in building a regular emailing habit. ….we’re talking accountability in spades.

If this training sounds like just the thing you need right now, let’s get started!