Website Review - Your Sales Centerpiece

Are you not selling enough work? Do you feel like your work fits for a certain show but you didn't get in?

Unsure how to turn your website into the sales hub that it could be?

Do you feel sheepish and apologetic when you send someone to your website because it feels out of date?

I’ll comb your site to give you feedback that you can use to make changes and see results. You'll transition your website from being solely a portfolio of your work to the center of all of your marketing and outreach activities.

You'll have a complete, in-depth review of the site with a list of actions to take to make your work shine and make you look like a professional artist. This list of actions will be prioritized so you know what to do first to make the biggest impact.

You'll no longer feel overwhelmed in trying to figure out what you 'should' be doing with your website to look good.

You'll finally feel proud to send someone your website knowing that your work looks great and truly reflects your integrity and the level of work you produce. It'll make getting shown and selling work so much easier.

After working together, you will...

  • No longer feel overwhelmed in trying to figure out what you 'should' be doing
  • Share your website with confidence
  • Know how to fix your website so it’s starts working for you

This package includes:

Jumpstart Questionnaire

You’ll answer a set of questions before we meet that will give me an understanding of your specific needs, and how I can help you get the most out of your website review and your resulting action plan.

The Review

Within a week, you’ll receive an action plan from me that details the changes I’m suggesting and why. It will cover navigation, images, text, how people come to your site, what’s working and what’s not. I give suggestions, often accompanied by examples. I also give you relevant resources to make the process easier.

Action Plan

Your website review becomes your action plan. It’s a prioritized to-do list so you always know to do next. This action plan makes it easy to cross off each item as you do complete it. This is important because you add dates to the items based on your actual calendar and then share this final action plan with me before we have our live phone call to review it. It's the tool that will finally make your website something you love and are proud to share with the world.

Live Review Over the Phone

To make sure you feel confident about making changes to your website, you’ll get a free, 30 minute phone call with me to answer questions and get clarification on your website review and action plan. We’ll address any uncertainties you may have and you’ll know exactly what to do next to make your website look amazing and work for you.

Investment: $250

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to update your website to one that you’re proud of, let’s get going!

Step 1. Sign up and make your payment via PayPal here.

Step 2. Watch for an Email from me with Your Jumpstart Questionnaire. We’ll also schedule your call at this point. You’ll reply with answers to the questions so you can get the most out of our time working together.

Step 3. You get Your Review. Within a week, I’ll send you the review that’s tailored to your specific website and your specific needs.

Step 4. Review the Website Review. Here’s where you read the suggestions, note your questions and then add dates to each item that correspond to your calendar it so it becomes a very doable plan of attack, that’s based on your real world schedule. You’ll send this plan to me 3 days prior to our follow up call.

Step 5. Follow up Conversation. We’ll have a 30 minute phone call to answer questions, fine-tune your action plan and get you set to finish your website updates. I include this call because it's vital to make sure you have what you need to stick with the project and get it done. And because I know from working with other clients that this is the best way for you to see your project through to final completion!

Step 6: Work your Action Plan. You have what you need to finally be a proud momma or papa to your website! Now you’ll commit to working your action plan so you can look like the pro that you know you are!

Bridget Lewis, Artist and Owner, Delta Press
"Having a business coaching session with Kate gave me a much-needed shot in the arm, and also somehow managed to feel like having coffee with a friend. She gave me a thorough review of my website and presented seriously awesome ways to improve and grow my business. She combines marketing expertise with the perspective of a professional artist, which is an extremely valuable and rare combination. And she’s fun! I’m grateful for her advice, and the suggestions she gave are already helping my business."    —Bridget Lewis, Artist and Owner, Delta Press