Real Results

Curious to know what it's like to work together? Check out what these creatives have to say. 

Sompurna Mini Mukherjee, Sculptor & Designer

“After working with Kate, I have a framework for pricing, a stronger direct marketing approach, and I keep in touch with my collectors WAAAY more. I learned a lot about myself by being more disciplined and I’m now in a place of empowerment with creating and sharing. I liked Kate’s attitude, appreciation for my passions, understanding, and encouragement with resources and advice. The thoroughness in her responses was always so thoughtful and in-depth, and our regular calls added structure to my days when I felt ungrounded. It was a wonderful and valuable engagement.

I would recommend Kate to artists who are going through a transition or expansion in their art career because of how she’s able to serve and empower her clients emotionally. Looking back from a more empowered place than when I began before I worked with Kate, I realize how important it is to ask for help when you need it, and to invest in help when you can."

—Sompurna Mini Mukherjee, Sculptor & Designer,, @minibutmightyart

Ana Matamoros, Artist

"I came to Kate with lots of scattered ideas. Through her guidance and coaching, she helped me develop a beautiful and coherent line of products with my art on them that are now selling successfully through a very big company.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed online because there are too many things to do, work with Kate. Her system of tracking and accountability paired with her encouragement will help you get unstuck. After working with Kate, I feel like I’m ready to put myself out there and really be seen. I know how to stop spinning so I can stay focused on my goals and achieve them. I got RESULTS and, I’m feeling empowered by my art!”

—Ana Maria Matamoros, Artist,, @analifedesign


"Working with Kate taught me so much about the etiquette of galleries, and how they run that I feel much more comfortable knowing which ones are right for me. I now feel more empowered in what I'm bringing to the table, rather than feeling like I'm relying on someone else to make my future happen. 

Kate did her homework to get to know me and my work. On our first call, I felt like we had already been working together for a week, so that we could really maximize our time. I definitely recommend working with Kate. She is approachable, genuine, and has real world experience that she wants others to benefit from. If you put in the work, the value is there and more. Kate wants you to succeed. Part of the benefit she brings is having someone to keep you on track. I can't wait to work with her again."  

—Lizzie DiSilvestro, Artist,, @ldisilvestroart


"I’ve made real progress on my goals.

Working with Kate was worth every penny. My website feels alive and viable! And, I’ve made real progress on my goals. It made so much difference to have her cheering me on and deflating the feelings of overwhelm I had. She understood me as a person along with understanding the experiences of being a studio artist. Her firm but compassionate pressure as well as her clear-eyed and expert feedback were valuable. Working with the structure and the external accountability Kate provided felt nurturing and helped me accomplish what I set out to do. She wants you to succeed."

—Katie Thomas, Artist,


"You are a terrific coach, Kate! I sincerely respect you and all of the help and tips you provide in the entire artistic community! After working with you, I learned to reduce typical artistic flaws, like poor marketing skills. I can't pretend to dominate the entire game yet I am still so thankful for you, Kate.

I've got my e-newsletter up and running so I can now share my art with more people!"

—Annette Heacox, Creative,

“I took NYC by storm!” --Charlotta Hauksdottir, Photographer,

“I took NYC by storm!”

"Thank you Kate! With my newfound skills I took NYC by storm! I presented my work with confidence and was able to explain it in a cohesive manner. I got a connection with a gallery there and as a result my work is now going to be exhibited in an art fair in Miami. Not only were the tools very helpful but your enthusiasm was very motivating. Thank you!"

—Charlotta Hauksdottir, Photographer,

Bridget Lewis, Artist and Owner,  Delta Press

"Having a business coaching session with Kate gave me a much-needed shot in the arm, and also somehow managed to feel like having coffee with a friend.

She gave me a thorough review of my website and presented seriously awesome ways to improve and grow my business. She combines marketing expertise with the perspective of a professional artist, which is an extremely valuable and rare combination. And she’s fun! I’m grateful for her advice, and the suggestions she gave are already helping my business."

—Bridget Lewis, Artist and Owner, Delta Press


"Working with Kate was so inspiring! She helped me see that many of my perceived concerns and obstacles had clear solutions.

She was collaborative and creative in her approach to problem-solving, and her background and education in fine art made me feel very comfortable working with her. She's got the mind of an artist and the strategy of a marketing professional. Kate knows her stuff!" 

—Amy Green, Artist and Owner, and FeatherLight Lazure

Kait Scalisi,

"Kate helped me step into my power as a business owner.

Kate totally shifted my mindset about running my business—instead of letting it run me! She showed me that I had fallen into the trap of being accommodating in a way that wasn’t helping me or my clients. Thanks to our work together, I went from having an messy process for inquires which took tons of time to manage, to having a clear, streamlined one that helps my clients easily schedule a workshop, make deposits, and cross another task off their to-do list—while weeding out potential clients who aren’t a good fit.  I’ve booked three workshops and am in talks with three more potential hosts and yes a big part of that is thanks to Kate helping me get clear on and uphold my boundaries."

—Kait Scalisi, MPH, Sex Educator + Founder of

"My subscribership is up, sales are improving..." - Joanie Springer, Painter,

"My subscribership is up, sales are improving..."

“Kate has been nothing short of miraculous for me, so full of ideas, and most of all has given me specific tasks to really grip my teeth into and focus. I needed the focus bit most of all and I'm working through all her suggestions point by point and it's paying off. My subscribership is up, sales are improving, and I'm just feeling a greater flow of understanding what it takes to promote one's self.”

—Joanie Springer, Painter,

Hennessy Christophel and Sofia Lacin, LC Studio Tutto,

"She takes care of elements of this job that I hate"

"Working with Kate is wonderful because she brings a passion and appreciation for the arts into her marketing strategies. She takes care of elements of this job that I hate, she does them in a fraction of the time it would take me to do them, and she does them much, much better than I ever could.” 

—Sofia Lacin of LC Studio Tutto and Abstract Painter