When Opportunity Knocks, What do You Do With it?

If you get an opportunity that’s a good fit, TAKE IT. RUN with it.

Show up. Be present. Do what you promised. Then plus-it.

Ask yourself what actions you can take to add to the opportunity. What would make it even better for the people involved including you? What would make it more exciting? What could you do that would get more people involved and fun happening?

If you sign up for something, show up all the way.

It’s the only way for you to get something worthwhile out of it instead of mediocrity. It’s the only way to feel good about each thing you do – to do it all the way, as best as you can.

If you’ve got a show, workshop or open studio happening this fall, do what you can to own it, love it and make it even better than you imagined.

Good luck out there and happy art making!


Posted on August 21, 2014 .