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Too Early to Promote My Event??

Have you ever wondered just how far in advance should you start telling people about an event?

What’s the appropriate amount of promotion for an upcoming opening, festival or happening?

Especially if it’s a long way off, you may wonder, “How many times should I email them about the event without getting on their nerves?”

If you’ve ever wanted to know what to do in this situation, dive in for the answers plus get a free event email promotions planner.

Is Instagram Your Next Art Dealer?

I’ve been hearing more and more about how Instagram is allowing artists to build connections and actually sell art—all in a place without a mechanism to make a purchase. There’s no shopping cart, no buy now button, no way to take credit cards and barely enough room in the profile text for any kind of artist statement. Pretty interesting, right?

Posted on September 4, 2014 .