Get Your Thing Going: One-to-One Coaching

This is where we meet by phone or Skype three times a month for an hour each, to work on your business along with you being able to email as-needed.

Do you want to sell work online? Get shown in galleries? A mix of both? --You'll get clarity on your goals and what you need to do to make them happen.

This is great if you are feeling stuck, need fresh eyes on your project or a dose of motivation and support.

It’s also great if you know you need to make changes happen but aren't sure where to start. Or, if you're feeling overwhelmed with starting a new project. I'll help you prioritize you actions so you have a plan to meet your goals.

This is your time, tailored to do what YOU need done.

You’ll have me on your virtual team. That means you can reach out to me with questions when you have them and that I help to hunt down resources, ideas, contacts and more for you.

During our meetings, we’ll further define and profile who would most like your work, create a summary of what you do that allows your customers to see for themselves that they need what you're making. This action sounds easier than it is so I’ll work with you to craft an amazing, jargon-free statement that you can use in conversations, on your about page, in emails, business cards and more.

We’ll review and re-write the descriptions of what you offer so all of your text is crystal clear and easy for customers to know quickly that they want what you've made. These are descriptions that will get your customers thinking that you’re reading their minds because you’ll craft them using a method that focuses on understanding your ideal audience.

I'll coach you on how to implement your e-newsletter – to include creating/reviewing the design, content, and editorial calendar. Building your e-newsletter is a foundational element of creating income through what you make and I'll help you gain momentum on this front. 1%-3% of people on your e-newsletter list will typically buy an offer from you. This means a focus on building your list will be needed to be successful.

How to best use social media will also be a part of our working together. I know you’ve got questions about this topic. I can show you how not to get sucked into the Facebook/Pinterest time warp (hello, where did those 2 hours go?), how to schedule posts, what to post and lots more.

There will be “homework” after most calls and to see results, you’ll be committed to putting in the hard work that it takes to make changes in your business to earn more and get more eyes on your work. You’ll need to be “all-in”, and to be completely transparent that will mean work.

Website review – I’ll comb your site to give you feedback about ways that you can make changes to see results.

This coaching approach is tailored to meet your needs and your goals and, while it is intensive it’s also a lot of fun and pretty exciting, too.


From working with past clients, three to six months is the commitment you need to implement the changes you want and to see the results you've been looking for.

The three month investment for this is $498 each month for 3 months or $1,344 total if you pay in full up front—this reflects a discount that saves you $50 per month.

The six month investment for this is $498 each month for 6 months or $2,540 total if you pay in full up front—this reflects a discount that saves you nearly $75 per month and is less than booking for three months only. 


Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to take massive action to sell more of what you make and get shown, let’s get going!

Step 1. Sign up! 

Make your three month payment in full via PayPal here and save $150. Or, make the first of three monthly payments via PayPal here.

Make your six month payment in full via PayPal here and save $448 (hey, that's almost a whole month free!). Or, make the first of six monthly payments via PayPal here.

Step 2. Watch for an email from me with your Get Your Thing Going Questionnaire. You’ll reply with answers to the questions so you can get the most out of our time working together. We’ll also schedule your calls at this point.

Step 3. Your first call.

Step 4. Work the To-do List. You’ll have a list of actions to-do after our first call. Doing this work is vital to being successful in getting traction with your next big thing. I'll be there to help keep you accountable for this work.

Step 5. Rinse and Repeat. You'll continue to meet with me by phone/Skype for three months.