What's Your Next Step?

I’m a business coach for committed artists who want to earn money from their art and get shown. They’ve got a great body of work but feel frustrated that they aren’t selling more and aren’t sure what to do about it. I help them grow their art business so they can earn an income from their creative endeavors while staying true to what they make.

Who I Work With

I work with both new and experienced artists, makers and creatives who want to learn how to sell more work, get more press and build a business based on their creative endeavors.

The people I work with are action-takers that want to grow and up-level their art career. They know if they get their questions answered, they’ll be able to get ahead.

What We Do Together

I work with artists, makers and creatives through individual coaching on specific projects and to up-level their overall business know-how through one-on-one, personalized sessions and group workshops. I help my clients earn money from their art, develop and find collectors, exhibit, sell confidently, have a professional online presence and create an artist statement and CV they are proud of.

My Coaching Sessions and Workshops

I offer private coaching sessions by phone or Skype and through group workshops.


Confidently Connect with Great Galleries

You love creating art and you feel like the time has come to really get it out there.

But... the thought of connecting with a gallery is a little intimidating. Which galleries are the best fit for your work? What should you say to get your foot in the door? How are you going to handle it if they say no, we don’t like your work?

Approaching a gallery director feels scary because what they’re looking for seems like such an unknown and they can turn down your art outright. Ouch! Not exactly the kind of feedback you want to get.

You think, “If only I could get the recognition that my art deserves, I could sell more work and start to feel like I was getting somewhere.”

If you'd like to figure out what galleries are best for YOU to approach, dive into this $97 experience of finally finding your place in the art world.

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Jumpstart Your Inner Email Guru - A One-To-One Live Training

Are you worried that no one will show up to your next opening?

Do you feel like if you could only get more eyes on your work, you’d sell more of it?

Are you unsure how to let people know about your new work, next event or that your what you make is actually for sale?

I’ll help you to kick your nerves to the curb when thinking about how to get people to your next opening, studio event or workshop.

You’ll know how to tell people all about your new work that’s soooooo exciting with an email process that won’t cause you to throw your computer out the window.

You’ll learn you exactly what you need to do to stop feeling shy, deflated or like it doesn’t really matter when trying to share your next big thing online.

Read more here If this sounds like something that will help you take things to the next level.


Website Review - Your Sales Centerpiece

Are you not selling enough work? Do you feel like your work fits for a certain show but you didn't get in?

Unsure how to turn your website into the sales hub that it could be?

Do you feel sheepish and apologetic when you send someone to your website because it feels out of date?

I’ll comb your site to give you feedback that you can use to make changes and see results. You'll transition your website from being solely a portfolio of your work to the center of all of your marketing and outreach activities.

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Get Your Thing Going: One-on-One Coaching

This is where we meet in person, by phone or Skype to work on specific projects where you need advice or actions completed to kick-start your projects or get them moving forward.

This is great if you are feeling stuck, need fresh eyes on your project or a dose of motivation and support.

It’s also great if you are feeling overwhelmed with starting a new project. I will help you prioritize you actions so you have a plan to meet your goal.

This is your time, tailored to do what YOU need done.

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15 minutes Art Biz Clarity Session

If you’re considering working with me, this is a great way to see if you're comfortable with my coaching style and learn if I can help you with your specific question.

No strings attached. No sales pitches. And, no charge to you. This is your opportunity to ask a question, any question. I will listen and work with you so you have an answer to one pressing art biz question.

Results of talking with me include…

  • Answer to one nagging question
  • Actions that you can implement right away
  • Advice on what to prioritize
  • Professional art marketing know-how

Get an answer to your most pressing business question by emailing me through this form to schedule a time to speak by phone. I'll email you with available times. ...did I mention this is free? Yep.